Unions and U
The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) works together with the other tripartite partners – the government and employers – to protect workers in Singapore, helping them remain competitive and employable for life while enhancing their social status and well-being; and building a progressive, inclusive, and caring labour movement. It has 59 unions and five associations affiliated to it which exist to protect and promote workers’ interests.


IR Landscape in Singapore
The industrial relations landscape in Singapore is characterised by the tripartite relationship between the Labour Movement, Government, and employers. Key to this relationship is the collaborative manner in which all three parties approach labour-management relations. This has, in turn, led not only to economic success for the nation but also marked social progress.


Acts that Govern Us
Industrial relations are governed by laws that articulate clearly how union-management relations are to be conducted in various scenarios.


Working with Employers
The Labour Movement has a five-decade-long history of working with employers. Since the birth of tripartism in Singapore in 1965, unions, employers, and the government have collaborated on several issues.