The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) logo is depicted in a bold font type to denote a dynamic Labour Movement raring to make changes to keep ahead of challenges. The italic font portrays a progressive and forward-moving Labour Movement.

Our colour is a strong, vibrant red to represent our unity and brotherhood as well as our commitment to and passion for our cause.

At the heart of our logo is the U hallmark which is made up of three 'U's:

The small U that stands for working people of all collars, ages and nationalities in Singapore, and their families.

The big U that stands for the Labour Movement, made up of our affiliated unions and associations, social enterprises, staff, members and partners.

The invisible U that stands beside working people and their families at work, live and play, to help them earn a better living and live a better life.

The U hallmark appears in an array of vibrant colours and designs that demonstrate the vivacity and diversity of the Labour Movement in Singapore.