NTUC and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions Reaffirm Warm Ties

Training in the advent of Industry 4.0, relevance of unions and dealing with the ageing population – discussions arising at the trade union level between Singapore and China.

Identifying the Training Needs of Employed Taxi Drivers

HDT Taxi and NTA will work together to train taxi drivers through a company training committee.

CPF Must Constantly Evolve and Be Responsive to Emerging Needs: Josephine Teo

The Minister for Manpower talks about retirement adequacy and CPF payouts during the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

NTUC and Partners to Offer Financial and Training Assistance to E-Scooter Delivery Riders

NTUC and its partners launch a suite of services to help delivery riders who are no longer able to use their e-scooters on footpaths.