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Contributed by JustAnotherSgBoy

Of late, there has been a lot of debate going on about companies not considering Singaporeans fairly for job opportunities. That leads to the begging question of "are Singaporeans not competent enough?" As prolonged unemployment is linked to low self esteem and higher incidences of depression, a worthwhile topic for us to ponder over is: Are Singaporeans really left in the ditch when it comes to being protected in the workforce?

After doing my own research on this matter, I have come to three conclusions which prove clear expectations have been set out for companies to consider Singaporeans fairly for job opportunities.

The Ministry of Manpower launched the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) in 2014 after the Labour Movement pushed for Labour Market Testing since 2011. Here’s how we can make sure FCF is used to bring errant companies to task:

Know your rights
As part of the Government's overall effort to strengthen the Singaporean core in the workforce, there are certain guidelines in place that companies are obliged to follow in making sure that employment practices conducted are fair, transparent and non-discriminatory. This includes mandatory advertisement for all available openings on the Jobs Bank.

Make your voice heard
If you suspect that you are unfairly treated in the employment process, or notice a job advertisement that did not comply with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, make records of what you know and lodge a complaint to MOM by visiting this page with a SingPass login. We all have a role to play to identify and report non-complying employers. As of August 2015, 38 firms have already been identified by MOM to be "Double Weak" (Channel NewsAsia/14 August 2015) — they neither have a strong Singaporean core nor are they committed to hiring and developing Singaporean employees. Remember, every one of us can play a role in helping realise policy goals before deeming them insufficient.

Put your fight suit on
Constantly upgrade your skills, show initiative in your work, and being a good team player. By having a solid repertoire of experience, qualifications and recommendations, it will be difficult for any good HR personnel to let you slip by. For one, start learning new skills or polish up existing ones by making use of the newly launched SkillsFuture course directory.

With these 3 pointers at hand, let's work towards building a strong Singaporean core in our workforce!

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