The Underrated Skills That Will Make You a Better Employee (and Human Being)

Hard skills are often being the skills that most of our colleagues perhaps including ourselves prioritise over soft skills. Look around us and try to recall if anyone ever asked for soft skill advice. You will probably heard something like ‘I don’t know which formula to use to input these data in Excel, can you help me out?’ many times compared to ‘Hey Jared, I find it hard talking to Melinda because she seems to dislike me and I’m going to work with her in my next project, do you have any advice for me?’.

People use soft skills everyday but it is not something that many people are concerned about if they are not good at it. You still need to work with someone like Melinda some day and bad communication can jeopardise your work progress. Read the full article to know more about the soft skills and how being better at it can change your life at work and as well as your personal life!








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