The Do and Don'ts at Office Parties

It’s Holiday Season!

It’s Holiday Season and you know what that means - office holiday parties!

With Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve celebrations, the office will be bustling with a festive mood till the end of the year. However, it isn’t the time to slacken and forget your professional values.

Here’s a guide to help you make the most out of your office parties and have the best time that you possibly can.


Arrive On Time – While it may be a party, it is still an office party with your colleagues and bosses around. It is no party to arrive “fashionably late”. While employees might encourage an informal non-corporate setting, showing up late might disrupt the flow of the party’s schedule. At worse, it might also be interpreted as being disrespectful to those around you. Show up on time and enjoy your night!

Mingle With New Faces – Don’t stand at a corner with your usual cubicle buddies. Spread out! Here’s a perfect chance to get to know your colleagues who you don’t usually get to talk to during a normal working day. It’s always great to make new connections and you never know when you might need a favor.


Don’t Dress Provocatively – This may be one of the tricky parts when it comes to office parties. Don’t dress like you’re going to a nightclub! Find the sweet spot, which shows that you know how to have fun and yet still command respect.

Don’t Get Drunk – I will strongly advise you, not under any circumstances, to get drunk at an office party. What happens in the office Christmas party really doesn’t usually stay in the office Christmas party. If you get drunk and throw up all over your colleague’s desk and behave like a rowdy teenager, you will be remembered. What’s worse is it will inevitably affect how your co-workers view you professionally.

With this simple list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ you should be all set for a great time at the Office party. Hopefully you’ll head home safely, leaving a good impression behind and with some new friends!









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