Polishing your Skills with SkillsFuture

When the SkillsFuture initiative was announced last year, we were all excited to see how it will open up progression opportunities for all eligible Singaporeans. As more details are being released about the SkillsFuture, let's find out more about how one can leverage on it for better career opportunities.

Some pointers to take note about SkillsFuture:

You decide what you want to do
Unlike employer-sponsored courses and programmes which are usually chosen by your employer based on their needs (not necessarily yours), you can decide what type of courses to sign up. There are now about 10,000 courses across industries and you will surely be spoilt for choice.

Use the directory to find your way
With the myriad of courses available, finding them is now made easier with the SkillsFuture directory. It allows you to sort courses with the preferred start date; or by areas of training; course title or training provider.

Never stop learning
Whether the aim is to deepen your current skills to move up the career ladder or learning new skills to move across to another industry, SkillsFuture can definitely help you with your learning needs.

Want to know how SkillsFuture can benefit your personal development? Go down to the U PME Centre or contact them at www.ntuc.org.sg/pme/contact








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