Stressed Out At Work?

4 Keys to Avoid Work-Related Stress


We’ve all been fed the idea that in order to stand out in the workplace we have to be the hardest worker –to be the first to arrive at work and be the last to leave.

Unfortunately, this idea is counterproductive!

When we take on too much on our plate, we become stretched out and tend to put less effort into our work. With so many deadlines at hand, we can’t afford to give one particular task the needed time and attention, eventually leading to substandard work.

When we are sleep deprived, we become irritable. Furthermore, such negative energy will not only affect us but also those around us.

One great strategy for preventing stress is to reach the office early. In fact, giving yourself time to sit at your desk and prepare yourself a nice cup of coffee can actually help to make the rest of the day much more pleasant.

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