What to do if you studied for the wrong career?

There are only 3 options.


Back when I was in University, almost every one of my classmates had moments when they felt like switching majors. I’m guilty of it too.

But what happens if you sat through all the grueling examinations, presentations, reports, the fearsome final thesis, earned your degree, and THEN realise…

“This is not what I want to do.”

As a first step, let’s make your objective very clear. You have a degree that is meant for career X, but you want to be in career Y.

Here are your options,

Get an internship/entry level position

It’s going to feel very demoralising and shameful to be a degree holder doing an internship, but if you really want to be in the industry, the easiest and fastest way is to work your way up from the bottom. Your degree would make the climb smoother.

Get another Degree

Private universities have many degree programs as short as a year and a half. You can use your current degree to get a part time job while taking night classes.

Study for a Masters

With some luck you could find a Master’s program in the discipline of your choice using your current degree as admission. It may require you to take a preparatory course or have some work experience under your belt. However, this way your degree would not have been a waste.

Not an Option

Sucking it up and simply working in an industry you don’t want to be in. This is the worst thing you can possibly do and I sincerely advice you not to do it.

You may have lost some time and money. But 5 years from now, when you head to work every day with passion burning inside you while having the career of your dreams; you will say to yourself, it was just a little mistake.









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