Fear Retirement? Not When you are Still Relevant!

We live an age where it has become common knowledge that baby boomers such as yours truly will be working for many years past the “traditional” retirement age. The face of the matter is, unlike their predecessors, baby boomers fear that retirement may make them disengaged from the social circle that they have built around them apart from the usual sociological and economic factors.

The key to ensuring that option to retire is ‘prolonged’ is to remain relevant in ever changing market conditions. Some simple steps that has helped me include:
1.     Being a Lifelong Learner
Apart from embracing literature that teaches you new methods in you industry, pick up books that inspire and motivate you as a contributing employee. You can take this further by learning to share relevant knowledge with your peer circles that will further entrench you reputation as an expert in your chosen field and continue to be a valuable resource to your organisation.
2.     Flexibility
The continuous seismic shifts in the way organisations operate mean that one has to quickly adapt to new processors or be rendered obsolete. Don’t be afraid of leveraging on your experience and experimenting with new ideas. You may fail at first, but with the right balance of knowledge, courage and most importantly flexibility, you will be able to stay ahead of the curve

3.     Network
‘It’s not how hard we work but who we know that helps takes us forward’ was the statement I have been constantly told over the years since joining the workforce. Speaking from experience, I must say that that nothing comes without hard work but maintaining a presence in relevant circles does help you engage with like-minded PMEs. You will be able to exchange ideas and when the time is right and hard work put in, use it as a mechanism to aid your career to the next level. At the same time, you may also be able to foster great friendships so it’s a great social tool as well!









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