Openness and Flexible Key towards the Future of Work

Photo: Lim Weixiang

Mr Alan Goh, General Manager of Corporate Services, CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd

It has been more than 11 years since I joined CPG. Over the past decade, I have witnessed the relationship between management and staff improve tremendously. I account this achievement to the close collaboration between CPG and BATU, both at work and play.

The cordial work relationship is evident from our day-to-day activities – one of our staff, Ms Irdawaty, who concurrently serves as the CPG-BATU Branch Chairman knows that my door is always open and that I welcome any form of feedback. There are no closed doors within CPG. We adopt an open and transparent work approach and make it a point to encourage and engage our staff to share their thoughts with us. When a staff encounters a problem and requires assistance from the company, we always strive to render our support and assistance. Let me cite an example to illustrate this point – a few years back, before the flexi-work arrangement was introduced, one of our staff approached us and mentioned that she was unable to report to work on time due to some family commitments We immediately worked out a flexible-work arrangement scheme for her on the spot which eventually resolved her family issues and enabled her to focus on her work. To date, she is still with CPG FM.

When we announced that the CPG office will be relocated from Novena Square to Westgate Tower at Jurong, there was much hype amongst staff. Similarly, we also encountered some anxiety from staff who reside in eastern Singapore. Many staff raised concerns of extended travelling time and increased crowd density amongst many other considerations. In response, CPG officially introduced and implemented the “Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)” initiative in September 2015. It started off initially as a 3 months pilot programme and response was overwhelming. CPG had then consulted BATU on the initiative and they were very supportive and applauded the action to address these staff concerns. Subsequently we adopted the FWA as one of our HR policies.

The relocation is an excellent change catalyst for CPG to further develop and embrace the CPG 2.0 transformative vision. It allows for work spaces to be modelled and supported by the latest in technology and also to support an open and interactive work culture. The new environment is designed to foster culture and behavior, and allow for CPG to remodel traditional work processes and habits. It aims to empower CPG employees positively in areas such as productivity enhancement, work-life harmony, fostering a conducive work environment, and encourage collaborative work processes to name a few.

This is part of CPG’s transformation towards the future of work, and we can reach our destination when we work together as one, the CPG family alongside BATU. By doing so, we can embrace the benefits that come along with an open and flexible work environment.





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