Passion in photography to profession

   Second skilling, or developing a secondary expertise, is the hot topic for PMEs in today’s competitive and dynamic economy. Being a T-shape PME may not be enough for PMEs to be resilient against economic downturns and unexpected unemployment due to company restructuring or closure, one needs to be a pi-shape PME.

   So how do you begin? Well, why not start with something that you’re already passionate about? Razin, who worked in a Statutory Board, is a good example of a PME whose second skill was derived from his passion – photography and videography.

   In order to further hone his photography and videography skills, Razin took photography classes at various photography clubs and learnt from individual photographers well-known in the circle during his free time. He was also able to mingle with and learn from professionals in the industry. Pursuing his passion, Razin also contributed back to his organisation by being the photographer during events. With the added skills and practice, Razin also undertook other photography projects. Not long after, Razin realised that photography was a hobby that paid for itself.

   In 2012, Razin decided to take the plunge and start Pixel Gallery Pte Ltd: A fully equipped visual communications company and studio that provides illustration and design on top of photography and videography services.

   Razin believes that when individuals pursue their passion as their second skill, they are better equipped to deliver the work – they do not mind putting in extra effort, money and are more creative, energised and motivated. Despite the challenges of leaving a comfortable job and salary and doing something completely different from his previous job, Razin says he wakes up excited to go to work every day now.

   Razin’s successful foray into developing and pursuing his hobby of photography as a marketable second skill is a great example of how PMEs can find renewed purpose and passion and future-proof themselves.

   So… Do you have something that you’re really passionate about outside of work? Perhaps it is time to take that to the next level!









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