UALC: Unity is Strength

06 July 2018, Fri

Story by Avelyn Ng

“Why are your members in your associations?”

This was the question NTUC Secretary-General (SG) Ng Chee Meng posed to some 60 attendees at the U Associate Leaders’ Circle (UALC) on 2 July 2018.

UALC started in 2015 to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among professional groups, as well as to communicate to the professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) on the ground.

SG Ng cautioned: “If you don’t add value to whoever that joins, you will have a dwindling membership base.”

Citing that unity is strength, he encouraged U Associates to strengthen their placement, progression and protection value proposition to their members.

He also highlighted ways that NTUC U Associate can come in to help. For instance, its PIVOT programme has curated 18 events and reached out to 1,000 PMEs in transition or at risk since inception in March 2017.

NTUC U Associate was set up in 2011 to expand the Labour Movement’s outreach to professional guilds and gain better understanding of their issues and challenges. There are currently 67 U Associates.

Check out more of what went on during the engagement in photos below.

Leaders from U Associates networking with each other before the event commences.

NTUC Assistant Director-General Vivek Kumar giving an opening address.

U Associate representatives from various industries sharing their ground challenges and feedback with SG Ng.

SG Ng with the working team behind NTUC U Associate.

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