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Financial Industry Career Advisory Centre (FiCAC) will provide guidance to those keen to join the financial industry as well as those looking to move to new jobs within the industry. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS), The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF), Workforce Singapore (WSG), U PME Centre and NTUC e2i (Employment & Employability Institute) will provide the expertise and resources to support FiCAC in its work. With the support of ABS and U PME Centre, FiCAC will also organise talks on job opportunities in the financial sector.


Career coaching
We provide workplace, career and professional development advisory services to financial professionals as well as PMEs who aspire to join the financial sector. For any enquiries, please contact us here

FiCAC Expert Series
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IBF Training Programmes
The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) is an industry association set up to foster and develop the professional competencies of financial practitioners in Singapore. IBF works closely with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the financial industry and financial training providers to equip financial professionals with skills to progress in their careers. IBF accredits financial sector training programmes and offers professional certification for financial practitioners.
These programmes receive training subsidy from the Financial Sector Development Fund - IBF Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") and Financial Training Scheme ("FTS") and are also eligible for SkillsFuture Credit (subject to eligibility criteria).
Financial professionals and individuals looking to enter the financial industry can attend IBF accredited training programmes to equip themselves with the relevant financial skillsets recognised by the industry. Individuals can also seek IBF Certification (find out more
) as an industry endorsed mark of quality that recognises them as individuals who exhibit professional excellence, integrity and commitment to the industry.
Refer to the IBF Programme Finder (find out more
) to find a training programme to meet your needs.
Financial professionals can also utilise the IBF Standards as career guide. Each of the IBF Career Roadmaps (find out more)  defines the core skillsets required in a financial industry segment, and illustrates the career pathways open to you in that segment.

Funding Schemes:
The IBF Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") (find out more) provides up to 70% funding for training and assessment programmes accredited against the IBF Standards.  These are programmes mapped against industry competency standards and lead to professional certification.
The Financial Training Scheme ("FTS") (find out more) provides up to 50% funding for eligible participants.  These are shorter-run programmes which support financial sector training that aims to raise individual competencies.


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About the Financial Service Tripartite Committee
The Financial Sector Tripartite Committee (FSTC) is set up to help workers in the financial services sector uplift their skills and capabilities as Singapore prepares to move into its next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society with a future-ready workforce.
The tripartite collaboration aims to bring together the MAS, NTUC, as well as the unions and businesses to co-own and co-drive the development of the Financial Sector Manpower Plans under the SkillsFuture initiatives. The FSTC plays a critical role in pushing out programmes and initiatives to help ensure the continual and steady stream of quality jobs made available for Singaporeans, and that the financial sector workforce is well-equipped with the skillsets needed as the financial landscape evolves and transforms. Companies in the sector can look forward to receive the necessary support from FSTC in strengthening their capabilities to enhance jobs and business models, while workers in the sector will be given the opportunities to continue to learn and train for the future.




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