Managing Work-Life Balance during Festive Season

Festive jingles playing at malls and pretty decorations being erected in the city are signs that holiday season is here! Most PMEs look forward to this season to spend more time with their family and friends. For me, I love the time spent with my family as we all get together for a Christmas feast. The look of pure joy emanating from my nieces and nephews while unwrapping their present last Christmas was a beautiful sight well etched in my memory.

Unfortunately, the reality is some working professionals may not find it easy finding the time to buy presents, wrapping them, preparing for Christmas dinner and decorating the house with their busy work schedule. Nevertheless, let me share with you some tips to managing work-life balance during the festive season that can help you ease the stress!

Be the Oracle of Your Own Calendar

The key to having a smooth sailing holiday without any hiccups is planning ahead. Prepare your schedule a couple of months ahead if possible. List all the upcoming project and how much time you need to invest in each of it.

Allocate wisely and make use of the extra spaces of buffer time you have at hand (e.g when waiting for an email). By doing so, you might finish your work much earlier and quicker, and avoid having to stay back at work during Christmas Eve.

In any case you find yourself being swamped with work during the festive season, learn how to prioritise your tasks based on the urgency and priority. Include your personal schedule with your work tasks in your calendar to help you out with planning. While work can easily take a bigger chunk of our time, compared to the time we spend with our dear ones, let this overused proverb resonate well within us- when there’s a will, there’s a way!

Disseminate Accordingly

No one wants to be bothered during the festive holidays, but it is also your job to make sure it does not happen. Let your clients or co-workers know early, that you will not be available to attend to them during the reserved days of the festive holidays. This will allow them to prepare in advance for you to get as much necessary work done before the holidays.

In any case of emergencies, make your mobile phone number available to your clients and co-workers. As much as we dislike being disturbed during holidays, we won’t want to return to work finding our projects in a grave state.

Be firm

With a well planned calendar with both your personal and business commitments, you will know when to say no to more incoming work commitments that overlap your personal commitments.

Be firm with your decision because handling several projects excellently, but having a poor relationship with family and friends is not a state of a good work-life balance. Let’s not neglect our emotional wellbeing and the need for a life outside our working environment.

Before jumping in to say ‘yes’ to a new project, deliberate and see if it will have an adverse effect on yourself, your health and your personal commitments. Ask yourself this question this coming Christmas: will I be at home in time for my Christmas dinner?

If your answered ‘no’, it is not too late to do something about it. A career can be rebuilt, but family is a lifelong treasure. I wish you all the best and a merry Christmas ahead!









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